"You’re out of touch with reality if you think Marvel and DC actually compete cinematically."


Josh Costella 

  • Different audiences (Under Disney Marvel films aims for families. WB are usually in the 13 and above crowd.) 
  • WB does not announce DC films to counteract any Marvel films. 
  • They are never released on the same date (yes there is that 2016 debate but one of them will move eventually.) 
  • WB release other movies beside from superhero movies (which Marvel studios doesn’t do, they only do superhero movies.) 
  • Disney is so reliant on Marvel in the movies, WB can get away with putting DC characters in other mediums and them working (Arrow, The Flash, Injustice etc.) Because it only makes a fraction of what they earn. WB was the highest earning studio last year and it only had 1 superhero movie out.  

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So I’m moving home today… 

and some of us forgot to do the internet transfert thing. So we won’t have internet before two weeks. I also didn’t have the time to queue posts,

In the meantime, I hope you’ll have fun, stay safe and all.



My persuasion can build a nation

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Ya know something interesting about the Marvel/DC ‘rivalry’ on tumblr?

Everyone acts like DC is this super regressive company compared to Marvel when DC really did more progressive stuff first and is still doing so.

Women as heroes?
DC’s had Wonder Woman as one of their three major heroes forever, but everyone ignores that because “But she doesn’t have a movie yet” (more on that later)

While Marvel can claim the first black hero in comics with Black Panther, DC actually had heroes talking explicitly about race with John Stewart and Hal Jordan, and did a lot of issues with progressiveism and liberalism vs convsativism in the Green Arrow/Green Lantern series (including a black person calling out Hal on how little he did to fight oppression on earth as he did the rest of the universe), and Green Arrow and Hawkeye arguing politics was a common thread of their time on the JLA together.

Black Lightning was the first African-American superhero with no criminal record (Luke Cage did get his powers in prison, it’s kinda stereotypical)

DC itself actually funded and published Milestone comics, a comics company entirely devoted to more diverse comics. If you’ve ever heard of Static you owe DC comics.

Marvel has never had anything even remotely equivalent.

When it comes to LGBT stuff, DC comics had a lesbian Batwoman and a lesbian woman taking over from a male hero in The Question.
While not a hero explicitly DC has a transwoman supporting character in Batgirl. (And I’m not even counting the trans characters in Vertigo books.)
It has Alan Scott being gay in the Nu52 continuity, 
I know Grace Choi was bisexual pre-reboot (I don’t know the current status)
Had a gay black teen hero in the Superboy & the Ravers comic in the 90s, as well as the character of Obsidian who was a major supporting character in the JSA.

The idea of characters of color or a different gender taking the place of legacy characters is nothing new for DC.
Like I mentioned, a lesbian Latin@ became the Question, there was an asian woman hero Doctor Light, a black woman Doctor Midnight, a Latina became the new Wildcat.

Now I mentioned I’d get back to movies later on and, let’s look at DC & Marvels movies in terms of ethnicity here, most notably the recent casting rumors.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson basically said he’d be playing Shazam.
Shazam, a previously white hero, played by a Black & Samoan man.

Aquaman, if rumors are to be believed, will be played by Jason Momoa.
Aquaman, a white blonde haired, blue eyed hero, played by a Samoan man.

Meanwhile over at Marvel….Well Falcon and Rhodey get to exist, but they’re up to this point still just little more than sidekicks to the white heroes in the movies.
Marvel makes a movie about a superhero team and goes “Yeah, everyone is still white as they were in the 1960s.” 
DC looks at their superhero team and says “We need to make the team more diverse, even if it means changing the race of the heroes” and people act like they’re some super regressive company.

I’m fine with folks preferring one company over the other.
I’m fine with folks being excited Marvel is having legacy characters change race and/or gender with who gets to pick up the legacy.

But as a lifelong comic fan it’s kinda annoying to see people praising Marvel as super progressive for doing shit DC did in the 80s and still does to this day.

Especially when with Marvel it’s coming across far more as a blatant publicity grabs.

Also yeah no wonder woman movie but it’s not like we have a black widow movie do we

There was a great piece written earlier this week that basically pointed out that for all the accolades many (myself included) are showering Marvel with over introducing a black Captain America and a female Thor, their MCU is still largely white as hell.

We’ll see if that’s still the case after SDCC this week (I’m hoping for Captain Marvel and Black Panther to finally be announced) but yeah, they pointed out in the grand scheme of things the comics are far more of a low risk venture than actually greenlighting a movie with a non-white protagonist or a female superhero, which they still have not done after two whole Phases.

Marvel:Introduces Thanos.
Marvel:Confirms Thanos will appear in multi-picture deal.
Marvel:Hints at Infinity Gauntlet.
Marvel:Introduces Infinity Stones.
Marvel:Confirms Infinity Stones will appear across multiple movies as a running subplot.

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Did you truly believe your efforts tonight would get me to change? To be grateful? Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology. You know who I am and what I am.


The Wicked and The Divine #02

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me:haha hey guys do u dare me to eat this whole thing of ice cream
me:*shaking my head and chuckling* i cant believe you guys are making me do this
them:we're not
me:*eating right out of the thing* this is so wild you guys you're so fucked up for making me do this